Yorkshire Artspace

Project Description

There are currently two studio buildings, Persistence Works and the recently opened temporary Porter Brook Studios. A further two developments, Manor Oaks Studios and Knutton Road Studios, are due to open  in 2010 and 2011 in partnership with local community based organisations.

Aims and Objectives

The need for quality visual arts workspace continues to grow. In 2007, Yorkshire Artspace was commissioned by Sheffield City Council to quantify demand for studio space in the city and to look at potential sites for studio developments in Housing Market Renewal Areas.

The study resulted in the development of the Manor Oaks site with Green Estate and the Knutton Road site with SOAR (Southey and Owlerton Area Regeneration) and only serves to reflect the success of Yorkshire Artspace as a leading studio provider in the region.

Project Start Date and End Date

1982 Yorkshire Artspace occupies Sydney Works in what becomes the Cultural Quarter
2001 Persistence Works opens
2009 Porter Brook Studios open in July
2010 Manor Oaks Studios planned to open in May
2011 Knutton Road Studios planned to open in January

Services Offered

Persistence Works and Porter Brooks Studios provide:

  • Over 80 studio spaces for artists and crafts people
  • Exhibition and project space
  • Administrative office
  • Outdoor work area
  • A meeting room

The studios offer professional support and development for artists and craftspeople including bespoke business courses, mentoring and access to exhibition/ commission and workshop opportunities.

It also offers a Starter Studio programme, specifically geared towards nurturing young talent. The programme includes the provision of equipment, a subsidised workspace in addition to business support and mentoring.   The Starter Studio for Designer Silversmiths at Persistence Works is a unique two year programme which nurtures new silversmiths. There are plans for a Starter Studio programme for ceramicists at Manor Oaks Studios and a Starter Studio Programme for Artists Working in Community Engagement at Knutton Road Studios.

Yorkshire Artspace also serves the needs of the wider community hosting two Open Studio events a year, a free exhibition programme and a number of outreach programmes. The project space is open to the wider community.

Success Factors

  • Visual arts to engage the wider community - The opening of Persistence Works with its exhibition, meeting and project spaces has strengthened relations with the wider community, enabling the local people to enjoy the visual arts. Approximately 4,000 people visit Persistence Works each year.
  • Working in partnership - Much of the recent success of Yorkshire Artspace has been achieved by working with other agencies in the interest of the local community.

Business/Operational Model

Key partners include:

  • Yorkshire Artspace
  • Arts Council England
  • Sheffield City Council

Yorkshire Artspace is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. In terms of management there are 8 members of staff and a Board of ten Directors. Yorkshire Artspace is a membership organisation and is owned by its members.

Financing and Delivery/Procurement

In order to finance the development of Persistence Works, Yorkshire Artspace successfully bid for:

Measurement and Monitoring

Yorkshire Artspace submits annual reports to the Arts Council on the following statistics:

  • Number of annual visitors
  • Income or occupancy rates
  • Number of works commissioned
  • Number of completed residencies
  • Number of exhibitions
  • Distribution of monthly newsletter
  • Number of artist members
  • Number of mentoring programmes and participants
  • Number of Education sessions
  • Characteristics of participants
  • Number of Professional training sessions

Future developments

The next phase for Yorkshire Artspace will be the completion of the two developments at Manor Oaks and Knutton Road - due to open in 2010 and 2011.

Contact details

Kate Dore
0114 276 1769
[email protected]