The Place, Oakengates Theatre, Telford

Chinese New Year Celebrations


  • The Place, which stands for Performance Library Arts Children Experience, is a centre for information, education and entertainment
  • The multipurpose building attracts people from a 50 mile radius of Telford
  • In addition to the extensive range of programmed events, the centre hosts a youth summer school; an arts club for young people with disabilities; a night club for adults with learning disabilities; community led events such as the Chinese New Year and a series of performing arts and education workshops for young people and the community


  • The supermarket next to the theatre was purchased in 2001, with the building work beginning early in 2004 and completing in July 2005


  • The Oakengates Regeneration Partnership was established in January 1999 with the aim of reversing the decline in the town centre


  • The Place represents a new phase in the life of the theatre, offering new services and increased service provision, with extended hours of 10am-8pm, six days a week
  • The building has brought economic benefits to the town, including six new jobs and increased provision for hard to reach groups
  • The bringing together of two key services also saw the creation of a unique role to cover the box office and library and information functions