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Project description

The gallery, which originally opened in 1891, currently consists of one large exhibition space, a small educational space, a public reading lounge, a garden to the rear of the building, and offices.

The gallery has recently begun a building project which will expand the gallery into the derelict house next door. This will provide small-scale exhibition/project spaces and a state-of-the-art education studio.

Aims and objectives

The South London Gallery is a contemporary visual arts venue located in Peckham. This is an urban residential area with few other arts facilities and above average levels of social and economic deprivation.  

The gallery is a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence which simultaneously attracts substantial and diverse local audiences. Its success in doing this is largely down to its integrated education and outreach programmes. These include workshops and events for schools, families and community groups; talks and seminars and offsite projects by artists.

Services offered

The gallery's services include exhibitions of contemporary art, and education and outreach programmes with local schools, colleges and community groups.

Success factors

Since its foundation, the gallery has strived to bring art to the working people of South London. It has had particular success in doing this in the past decade when the emphasis has been on showing challenging new work by emerging and established British and international artists. The gallery aims to present contemporary art in a range of contexts in order to engage new audiences.

Business/operational model

The South London Gallery is a registered charity, managed by a board of trustees.

Financing and delivery/procurement

Southwark Council and Arts Council England finance the gallery. The gallery raises all other funding from a combination of grants from trusts and foundations, corporate sponsors and donations from individuals.

Measurement and monitoring

The gallery monitors visitor figures and also conducts visitor surveys for each exhibition. It also:

  • Conducts surveys amongst people attending workshops
  • Monitors the number of school groups and community groups participating in the education and outreach programmes
  • Monitors the number of hits on the gallery website.

Contact details

Sangeeta Sathe
Marketing & Communications Manager
South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH

T: 020 7703 6120
F: 020 7252 4730


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