Seven Stories


  • The Valley was previously an industrial hub, hosting iron foundries, glass works, potteries and mills. After their decline, small businesses began investing in the area, and a regeneration trust was set up
  • The project aims to make the collection accessible to as wide an audience as possible - school children participating in programmes, families visiting exhibitions and researchers visiting from around the world


  • The Seven Stories charity was started in 1996 to create the collection.


External shot of Seven Stories on the Ouseburn River
  • In 1996 The Seven Stories project was established as a charity when its founding directors, Elizabeth Hammill and Mary Briggs, created an ambitious plan to draw together a collection of manuscripts, sketches, finished artwork and books that document the work of contemporary British authors and illustrators for children
  • With the support of numerous public and private funders, the charity was able to purchase a former flour warehouse, an impressive Grade II listed building, in the Ouseburn Valley. Earmarked as a designated regeneration area, the Valley was seen as an ideal location for the project


  • By May 2006 the Centre had attracted over 50,000 people in its first ten months, a figure organisers expect to rise to 80,000 per year
  • Seven Stories has won several awards for innovation and regeneration
  • Elizabeth Hammill and Mary Briggs have both been recognised for their work at the centre by the award of Honorary Doctor of Civil Law degrees



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