Peepul Centre, Leicester


Project description

Aims and objectives

The Peepul Centre is the realisation of the long-term vision of the women of the Belgrave Baheno who have served their community tirelessly for over 20 years.

The centre aims to provide a wide range of opportunities, services and facilities that promote and enhance the welfare, interests, economic and social advancement of local communities. The centre strives to build on cultural diversity and richness and inspire understanding, unity and respect. It is based on the Peepul concept which is the belief in the inherent greatness and infinite potential of all humanity.

The Peepul Centre aims to:

  • Create a interaction of users and members in local, national and international settings
  • Improve opportunities for local people and communities so that both individuals and organisations benefit fully from economic, social and technological advances
  • Promote and support the recognition of the contribution of women and local people in community development and regeneration
  • Provide formal and non-formal education, training and personal development at every level
  • Provide a good quality environment and services for children, young people, elders and parents which actively support the family unit
  • Develop opportunities for local people and families to enjoy social activities, in particular within arts and leisure
  • Transform approaches to health by ensuring improved access, an holistic perspective and involvement from all users and professionals
  • Ensure a sustainable level of self-sufficiency and independence.

Services offered

The centre offers arts development, sports development, music, dance, theatre performances, and childcare.

Benefits of co-location

Locating a range of different services at the centre means it is a focal point for the broader local community. It attracts people from all backgrounds.

Success factors

The centre provides an innovative range of services that caters for all the family and for all members of the community. As a result, it has helped to build and support a vibrant and self sustaining community.

Risk factors

The centre is predicted to attract over two hundred and twenty thousand users per year when fully operational. This is a relatively high projection.

Business/operational model

The centre is principally supported by Leicester City Council. It has corporate sponsors (PepsiCo Foundation USA, KPMG, Miller Construction, Fern Training, Cybex, Leicester City Football Club and Window World).

Financing and delivery/procurement

The building development is financed through lottery funding partners (Millennium Commission, East Midlands Development Agency, Big Lottery Fund, European Regional Development Fund, Arts Council, Sport England and Leicester City Council).Commercial activities provide annual operating support.

Measurement and monitoring

The management team regularly monitors and evaluate all programmes and activities on a regular basis.

Contact details

Belgrave Baheno
Peepul Centre Venue

Orchardson Avenue
Leicester, LE4 6DP
T: 0116 261 6000

[email protected]