Setting local benchmarks for provision

Map 4.2 of the London Plan.

Any local benchmarks for particular culture, arts and sporting opportunities should be set in relation to local circumstances, such as:

  • how current provision meets both the needs of the existing population and needs likely to arise from expected population growth;
  • whether current provision meets accepted guidelines on provision levels; and
  • how cultural and sporting facilities can be sustainably built and integrated into existing neighbourhoods.

In determining benchmarks that are appropriate to the local circumstances, it is important to carry out robust assessments of need and provision. These should be based on the actions undertaken to identify local needs and to audit local provision.

The benchmarks thus determined should ensure a high quality of provision. The determination process should take into account factors such as the appropriateness of location, the relationship to the existing environment, and the design and technological quality of the facility. It should also consider the diversity of services to be provided to meet identified local need and anticipated future demand.

Table: Examples of local benchmarks for provision