Auditing local provision of services, activities and facilities

  • assessing the use made of current provision, including levels of utilisation and the demographic profile of users; and
  • determining locational opportunities for the more effective use of existing assets and provision, including historic or derelict buildings.

Outputs from such audits include:

  • a baseline picture, along with a database of cultural, arts and sporting provision and facilities and historic assets, including levels of use and key attributes;
  • map(s) showing these cultural, arts and sporting provision and facilities;
  • map(s) of creative and cultural industry companies/jobs;
  • potential locations where future demand can be met through joint provision or co-location with other service providers, such as health and education; and
  • identification of potential locations or sites for more effective re-use of assets, including historic or derelict buildings with good accessibility.

Table: Some factors to consider when deciding between developing new or refurbishing existing facilities.