Planning considerations

In setting a strategic vision for sports facilities, developing planning policy, taking planning decisions, or delivering/designing a facility , the following planning considerations should be taken into account (See Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guide for Indoor and Outdoor Sport. Sport England, 2013 - forthcoming):

  • Engage with and place appropriate weight on the advice of Sport England when it is identified as statutory consultee, and engage with other key stakeholders through the planning process to maximise multiple benefits.
  • Improving quality and accessibility to existing provision can be more beneficial than new provision; and where new provision is needed, it should enhance the existing network.
  • Assess needs and opportunities by identifying and reflecting the different levels of need across the district in terms of quality, access and needs for associated facilities, and how they relate to provision.
  • Apply evidence of need for sports provision by producing or refreshing a strategy for sport, including action planning, and by contributing to infrastructure delivery plans and CIL infrastructure lists.
  • Recognise that the level of provision and access will vary between urban and rural areas.
  • Take into account ongoing maintenance and management in planning provision and reflect costs in infrastructure planning.