Planning considerations

In setting a strategic vision for libraries, museums and archives, developing planning policy, taking planning decisions, or delivering/designing a service or facility, the following planning considerations should be taken into account:

  • Listen to expert advice and stakeholders.
  • Focus active and new provision in sustainable locations in or close proximity to existing urban and rural centres to enrich the community and neighbourhood.
  • Reflect the changing nature of ICT (information and communications technology) and the internet, which, where appropriate, can support different ways of accessing library, museum and archive services and collections and can open up new uses for space. However, remember online access to museums and archives is only part of the offer.
  • Reflect the impact on surrounding areas from traffic, noise and other hazards, and manage local environmental risks to collections (for example flood).
  • Improve the sustainability and energy performance of buildings and places.
  • Improve the accessibility of buildings and places.
  • Retain flexibility in internal space design for multi-functional use and changing use needs over time.
  • Allow space for the accrual of collections. Storage space can be rented out to offset cost in the meantime.