Planning considerations

In setting a strategic vision for the historic environment, developing planning policy, taking planning decisions, or delivering/designing a facility, key messages from English Heritage include:

  • For area-based projects, create the right partnership of promoters, with a strong shared vision, a clear set of objectives, and realistic expectations.
  • Early consultation with the local planning authority (LPA) and English Heritage will avoid unexpected issues arising later.
  • Involving the community can build support for a project, help to avoid opposition later, and may uncover unexpected resources.
  • Prepare a fund-raising strategy and establish a clear and realistic programme of when different funding components may be secured.
  • Work to listed buildings requires sensitivity and care, and the works proposals must be drawn up in careful consultation with statutory authorities and advisory bodies.
  • Undertake thorough surveys of the building and make realistic assessments of its capacity to be adapted for the proposed use.
  • Try to find occupiers and uses that suit the type and style of the accommodation in the building.
  • Identify any need to secure other non-planning consents to realise the development.