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The Arts Council currently has a number of different grant programmes available to the cultural sector individuals and organisations depending on the type of project and purpose. Relevant grants for the development and regeneration of buildings and places through the arts include:

  • Grants for the arts: Through the National Lottery, Arts Council funds arts activities that benefit people in England, or that help artists and arts organisations.
  • Art in Empty Spaces:
  • 'Renaissance' funding programme for museums (an improvement programme for regional museums, with a focus on excellence and delivering long-term change). It features a major grants programme.
  • Other parts include a strategic support fund, targeting development areas not addressed by the programme of major grants: a museum development fund;

Arts Council England also provides a number of strategic funds in response to needs and priorities within the cultural sector.

Background research and further advice

Arts Council England Funding information

Arts Council England Art in Empty Spaces programme

Links to Case Studies

You can find the following relevant case studies within the toolkit:

  • Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield
  • ACME, Leven Road, London
  • Carnival Arts Centre, Luton

More case studies about some of the grants that Arts Council has made can be accessed at Featured Projects.