Southend-on-Sea, East of England

Southend-on-Sea Local Development Framework Core Strategy
Adopted December 2007


Southend-on-Sea Borough Council formally adopted the Core Strategy on the 13th December 2007. It forms part of the Southend-on-Sea Local Development Framework and provides the vision, objectives and planning strategy for the spatial development of the whole borough until 2021, including the distribution of growth and the policy context for a 10 year housing supply.

The strategy for spatial development in Southend is set out within the context of the Thames Gateway Area.

Summary of policies

Section 1 The Core Strategy - Aim and Strategic Objective
SO2 Secure the regeneration of Southend as a cultural and intellectual hub and a centre of education excellence.
S08 Secure a thriving, vibrant and attractive town centre and network of district and local centres.
S012 Secure the sustainable use of the River Thames and its estuary as an asset for transport, leisure and business.

Section 3 Employment Generating Development
Policy CP4 Employment Generating Development

Section 6 The Environment & Urban Renaissance
Policy CP4 The Environment & Urban Renaissance                

Section 8 Community Infrastructure    
Policy CP6 Community Infrastructure

Section 9 Sport Recreation and Green Space
Policy CP7 Sport Recreation and Green Space

Further local resources

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, August 2004, A Study of Playing Pitches in Southend-on-Sea Borough. Final Report. Leisure and the Environment

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, August 2004, Open Space and Recreation Assessment in Southend-on-Sea Borough. Final Report

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, November 2007, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Public Arts Strategy

Further information

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