Southampton City Council Local Development Framework Core Strategy, Adopted Jan 2010


Southampton City Council formally adopted its Core Strategy on the 20th January 2010. The Core Strategy seeks to balance the role of the city as one of the drivers of economic growth for the region against the need to improve the overall quality of life of residents and those who work in or visit the city.

Summary of policies

Core Strategy policies are linked with objectives within its Sustainable Community Strategy, and within each policy, the relevant objectives are listed and cross-referenced. One objective is:

SO5: Imaginative arts and cultural opportunities

Chapter 3: Vision and Objectives

S3 Create a vibrant, high quality regional city centre that is the focus for major retail; tourism; leisure; cultural and office investment and connects with the waterfront.
S13 Ensure that the city reflects the varied culture and heritage of all sections of the community. The city should be a high quality destination for visitors.

Chapter 4: Spatial Strategy and Policies
CS1 City Centre Approach
CS2 Major Development Centre
CS12 Accessible and Attractive Waterfront

Chapter 5: Key Requirements for Successful Development
CS14 Historic Environment
CS21 Protecting and Enhancing Open Space
CS25 The Delivery of Infrastructure and Developer Contributions

Chapter 7: Delivery Strategy

7.5 Monitoring and Managing the LDF (No indicators for cultural provision)
CS14 Historic Environment

  • Completion of 20 Conservation Area Character Appraisals

CS21 Protecting and Enhancing Open Space

  • Participation in sport and active recreation (NI 8)Net loss / gain in amount of open space

CS25 The Delivery of Infrastructure and Developer Contributions

  • Amount of S106 funding received

Further local resources

City of Southampton Strategy (Sustainable Community Strategy), September 2007

Southampton Public Arts Strategy, revised version 2006

Open Space Audit, January 2006, Global to Local Ltd

Green Space Strategy, Southampton City Council

Further information

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