Plymouth, South West

Plymouth City Local Development Framework Core Strategy
Adopted April 2007


Plymouth City Council formally adopted the Core Strategy in April 2007. It sets out a spatial planning framework for the long term development of the city. This ensures that investment decisions are not made in isolation, but are properly co-ordinated, with a focus on promoting the principles of sustainable development.

The Core Strategy has taken into account the views of all sections of the community and stakeholders. It has maintained consistency with national and regional guidance.

Summary of policies

Chapter 4 Delivering the Quality City
Strategic Objective 4

Chapter 5 Area visions and strategies
Area vision 3 Plymouth City Centre
Area vision 7 Central Park

Chapter 8 Cultural uses and the evening / night-time economy
Strategic Objective 8 Delivering Cultural / Leisure Facilities and the evening /night-time economy
Policy CS12 Cultural / Leisure Development Considerations
Policy CS13 Evening / Night-time Economy Uses

Chapter 15 Community health, safety and well-being
Strategic Objective 15 Delivering Community Well-being
Policy CS30

Chapter 5 Area Visions and Strategies
Area Vision 3 Plymouth City Centre
Area Vision 7 Central Park

Chapter 17 Monitor and Manage          

Further local resources

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Plymouth City Council, November 2007, Planning Obligations and Affordable Housing Draft Supplementary Planning Document

Plymouth City Council, 2007, Plymouth Playing Pitch Strategy 2007-2016

Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Swimming Facilities Strategy 2006-2016

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Further information

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