Horsham, West Sussex

Horsham District Council Local Development Framework Core Strategy, Adopted February 2007


Horsham District Council formally adopted its Core Strategy on 2nd February 2007. The strategy sets out the key elements of the planning framework by defining the vision and objectives, together with the strategy and core policies for the future.

Summary of policies

Chapter 3 Spatial Vision and Objectives
Table 3.1 Core Strategy Spatial Objectives
7) To promote and enhance community leisure and recreation facilities, and to assist the development of appropriate tourism and cultural facilities

Chapter 4 Spatial Strategy and Core Policies
Policy CP 14 Protection and Enhancement of Community Facilities and Services*
Policy CP18 Tourism and Cultural Facilities

Chapter 5 Monitoring and Implementation Framework
Table 5.14 Monitoring Indicators for Tourism & Cultural Facilities

Further local resources

Horsham District Council, December 2002, The Horsham District Cultural Strategy. A Vision for Culture - Life, Leisure and Recreation in the Horsham District

Horsham District Council, June 2007, Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document

Horsham District Council, May 2005, Horsham District Council Local Development Framework Background Document No. 9: PPG17 Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation Facilities Assessment