Stage 2: Visioning

Developing a shared vision

Visioning is a collaborative and empowering process by which a community defines the future it wants. It provides a brief snapshot that lays out a vision for culture and sport in its area. This will then inform the process of setting out the priorities it needs to achieve in alignment with local planning requirements.

a. Engage and involve local communities


Further advice

Community Engagement
I&DeA toolkit for community engagement in culture and sport improvement

CABE guide for engaging creative minds in regeneration

PAS guide for effective community involvement in local development frameworks.

Planning Aid is a non-for-profit organisation which engages communities in the planning process.

TCPA-led project on community participation and advocacy in planning. See The TCPA website also contains guidance for planners on the best methods of community engagement.

DCMS & DCLG draft guidance on integrating cultural and community strategies

PAS guide for developing a locally distinctive vision

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Stage 5
Monitoring and Review