a. Local government in a champion role

Local Champion

Local government is best placed to take the lead in cultural planning and development. It has the skills and experience in community consultation and the knowledge of local values and aspirations necessary for effective local culture and sport planning. It also has the necessary regulatory and development powers to carry out its functions and implement its policies.  

This toolkit encourages local authorities to take this lead role through the appointment of a local champion for culture and sport, such as a senior officer or an elected member. Doing so will enable local government to undertake this role more effectively. The Culture and Sport Champion can be most effective by at least following the principles listed below, but not be limited by them:

  • Promoting the value of culture and sport as a catalyst for regeneration and neighbourhood renewal,
  • Being alert to opportunities for culture and sporting facilities and programmes to attract inward economic investment and funding, and
  • ensuring that the in-house expertise and support is adequately resourced and organised and seek to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of service delivered to the public.

If a Culture and Sport Champion is appointed, he/ she will need to liaise with other appointed champions, if there are any, including a Design Champion or Heritage Champion. This will ensure a co-ordinated approach to promoting culture and sport.