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Submitters note just sharing a few thoughts as i research study and write about the human mind spiritual principles and the laws of life this article is largely based upon a chapter universal laws and truth from the fascinating and thought provoking book the way of the warrior trader by dr richard d mccallthe law of life is a term coined by author farley mowat in his 1952 book people of the deer and popularized by daniel quinn to denote a universal system of various natural principles any of which tend to best foster lifein other words any of which best guides behavior that tends toward the reproductive success and survival of some particular gene poolthere are certain laws of life that must be followedit preserves our harmonious relationship with the universe and makes our desires happen faster without focusing on religion or spirituality there still remains basic laws of life maybe some of these laws were reinforced by the belief in god or gods and likewise but they can also be independent of all mystical boundaries being rotary clubs across georgia conduct the laws of life contest as a character values and ethical literacy outreach program to high school students in the state the essay contest is simpatico with rotarys emphasis on education values high ethical standards and service to others and has quickly become a signature program for georgia rotariansthe laws of nature and the laws of life are two sets of laws that govern different parts of the world the tangible and intangible both sets of laws are equally true and equally unbreakable in 1543 copernicus asserted that the sun not the earth was the center of the solar system

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