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The institutes of justinian latin institutiones justiniani is a unit of the corpus juris civilis the sixth century codification of roman law ordered by the byzantine emperor justinian iit is largely based upon the institutes of gaius a roman jurist of the second century adthe other units in the corpus juris civilis are the digest the codex justinianus and the novellae constitutiones the institutes of justinian ad535 book i of persons i justice and law justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render every one his due 1 jurisprudence is the knowledge of things divine and human the science of the just and the unjust 2 having explained these general terms we think we shall commence our exposition of the law reprint of the seventh and final edition of one of the finest translations of the institutes commissioned by the emperor justinian in 530 ce the body of writings known collectively as the corpus juris civilis restated all existing roman law it has four components the code novels institutes and digest intended for students the institutes is a synopsis of the reformed legal systemthe digest and the institutes of justinian are part of the corpus juris civilis probably for the greater part of the period of three centuries which elapsed between gaius and justinian his institutes had been the familiar textbook for all students of roman lawmoyle jb the institutes of justinian translated into english with an index fifth edition oxford clarendon press 1913 viii 220 pp reprinted 2002 by the lawbook exchange ltd lccn 2001041401 isbn 1 58477 185 2 cloth 90 an english translation with a thorough index of justinians institutes after assuming the throne of the east roman or byzantine empire in 527 justinian

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